6 Easy Online Jobs That Pay Well Without Experience

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If you are looking to switch jobs to something new without having any experience, this is the post for you!

There are so many job opportunities out there. Watching a few videos on youtube and by trial and error, it’s very possible to change career and start a new job from the comfort of your own home.

Below we have listed just 6 easy jobs that pay well without experience. These jobs allow you to typically work at your own pace in your own time.

1. Blogger

If you love writing, blogging is a great option for you. Everybody has knowledge about something and experiences to share. Share what you know, so you can make more space in your head for something new.

You can blog from the comfort of your own home via computer or when you are out and about on your phone. One of the benefits of blogging is that you are in complete control.

Your blog may end up turning into a profitable business. You could start looking into affiliate programs such as ezoic.

You may even outsource writers and designers on one of the many freelancing platforms such as Fiver or Upwork.

If you aren’t particularly great at sharing thoughts by speaking, blogging is a perfect solution to discuss your passion with like-minded individuals and have many social interactions.

Blogging can pay well, and here’s how:

  • Display ads alongside your content
  • Create an email list and market products/information
  • Publish ebooks
  • Partner with companies and become an affiliate

Start your own blog today!

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2. Freelance Proofreader

What do proofreaders have in common with vampires? They search for type-os.

If you love reading and always find mistakes, as a proofreader, you will help other businesses check for mistakes in their marketing collateral and other written documents. This job involves correcting Grammar, Punctuation and spelling mistakes. You can proofread from the comfort of your cave.

3. Freelance Designer

There are plenty of businesses that are looking to hire freelance designers. You could get paid to do the most simple of tasks such as uploading Facebook cover photos.

Although it helps to have some design experience, it’s not necessary. A few videos on youtube will teach you how the software works and a few principles of design!

Freelance designers can design the following:

  • Social media posts
  • Billboards
  • Magazines
  • Brochures
  • Campaigns
  • eBooks

Here’s how you can make money on Upwork as a beginner

4. Translator

If you speak more than one language you could start translating documents. Prices per word can range between $0.10 to $0.16. If you become a certified translator, you can make even more money. There are job posts and companies that translate all over the internet. Becoming a freelance translator is also an option.

5. Artist

If you love art, you could sell what you make. It is well known that art reduces stress and anxiety. It’s fun as well, especially if you are a stay-at-home dad.

Have you ever considered turning your art into something wearable? There are many platforms that do just that. One of the biggest and well-known platforms is called Society 6. Their current tagline is ‘Designed by artists, made by us, just for you.’

Here is an article on how to sell art online.

6. Teacher

You could get paid to speak English to both adults and children. Preply is a great company to start working with and making some money on. It takes around 5 days for Preply to accept you onto their system. If you enjoy teaching online, obtain a TEFL certificate. Usually, TEFL teachers are on higher pay.

In a week’s time, you could be chatting remotely with somebody from Mexico or Thailand.

Here is a mre in-depth article on teaching English online with no experience

Are all online jobs easy?

The word ‘easy’ is very subjective. Some people may find an easy job hard. Most people agree that working remotely from home and the removal of that stressful commute is easier because it allows for more time to be spent with family and friends. Some other people may find working from home hard and encounter a ‘working from home burnout’.

There is an online job that pays well, for every type of person. You just have to find it.