Are Amsterdam’s Coffee Shops Open to Digital Nomads?

Ah, Amsterdam–the land of tulips, bikes, and the infamous Red Light District. But for digital nomads like us, Amsterdam is more than just a tourist destination. It’s a city that welcomes people from all walks of life, including those who work remotely. But let’s be real: coffee shops are an indispensable part of the digital nomad lifestyle. So the big question is, are Amsterdam coffee shops open to digital nomads? Grab a cup of joe (or tea, if that’s more your style), and let’s dive in

What is an Amsterdam Coffee Shop?

First things first, let’s define what we mean by “coffee shops”. In Amsterdam, coffee shops are not just places that serve coffee–they’re also establishments where you can legally purchase and consume cannabis. Yeah, you read that right. So if you’re a digital nomad who doesn’t want to mix work with a little green, it’s important to distinguish between coffee shops and cafés. That being said, there are plenty of cafés in Amsterdam where you can get work done, but let’s stick to coffee shops for now.

So, are coffee shops open to digital nomads?

The short answer is yes. Coffee shops in Amsterdam are generally very welcoming to anyone who wants to grab a drink and chill out for a bit. Most coffee shops have free Wi-Fi, so you can work on your laptop while indulging in some people watching. However, it’s important to note that some coffee shops can be quite crowded and noisy, which might not be ideal for those who need a quiet working space.

One coffee shop that is particularly popular among digital nomads is The Bulldog. This weed-friendly coffee shop has multiple locations throughout the city, and each one has a slightly different vibe. The Bulldog Palace, located in the city center, has a spacious, airy interior with plenty of seating options. It’s a great place to get work done during the day, and it transforms into a lively bar at night. Plus, the coffee is pretty good too.

If you’re looking for a coffee shop that’s a little quieter and more low-key, check out Original Dampkring. This cozy, rustic coffee shop has a homey feel and is a popular spot among locals. The coffee is delicious, and they also have a small selection of snacks and sandwiches if you need a quick bite to eat. The only downside is that they don’t have as much seating as some of the larger coffee shops, so it might not be the best option for large groups.

Another coffee shop that’s worth checking out is Green House Coffeeshop. This iconic coffee shop has been around since the 90s and is famous for its high-quality cannabis. But even if you’re not into that, it’s still worth a visit for the cozy, welcoming atmosphere and delicious coffee. They have multiple locations throughout the city, each with its own unique vibe.

Amsterdam coffee shops are definitely open to digital nomads. Whether you’re looking for a bustling, energetic atmosphere or a cozy, peaceful vibe, there’s a coffee shop in Amsterdam that will suit your needs. Just be sure to do a little research beforehand to find the coffee shop that’s the best fit for you. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find your new favorite spot in no time. So grab your laptop, your favorite mug, and get ready to experience Amsterdam’s coffee scene like a true digital nomad.