From travelling with children to banking and exchange rates. Everything you need to know when travelling while working remotely.

Colombia Digital Nomad Visa

Visa Requirements To apply for Colombia’s Digital Nomad Visa, you need a valid passport for at least six months from the application date. Applicants must prove a monthly income of at least three times Colombia’s minimum wage, which is around $684. Health insurance is also required, covering accidents, illness, and other unexpected events for the …

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Best Countries to Visit on a Budget

Imagine a world where you can satiate your wanderlust without breaking the bank, where cultural immersion, gastronomical encounters, and breath-taking landscapes don’t ask for your wallet size. Yes, such destinations do exist and are nothing short of paradise for the budget-conscious travellers seeking enriching experiences. They might not dish out the luxurious facets of tourism, …

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camping activity

10 Exciting Activities to Do While Camping

If you’re planning a camping trip, you may be wondering what types of activities you can do while enjoying the great outdoors. Well, look no further. Here are ten exciting activities to do while camping.

Speaking English

Best Countries in Europe for English Speakers

There are plenty of European countries where English is widely spoken. Whether you’re searching for lively cities, picturesque countryside, or stunning coastal towns, Europe has it all.