How do people cope with remote working?

remote working

It takes a certain discipline to cope with remote working. Staying motivated outside of a familiar office environment can be difficult. Most people have been conditioned to office life. Whether you work at home, in a coffee shop, or in a co-working space, the key is to be work-focused.

Where should I setup my workspace?

Finding your ideal spot is essential to boost your productivity and get the job done. There are no limits to your imagination. You can work from a bench by the sea or an Irish pub in the city. Just make sure there is enough space for your Remote working gear and a beverage, with a preference towards a latte! ☕

How can I control what I hear?

To achieve maximum remote productivity, you need to focus on work. That involves reducing background noise. Noise-cancelling headphones are an excellent purchase. Focus on your best tunes. Should you be making video calls, it’s also a good idea to control what others see – look into blurring your background. With zoom, you can do this in the background and filters settings.

Can you schedule our meeting for 3pm Tuesday?

Schedules are an excellent tool when used correctly. Whether it’s a physical moleskin or a digital scheduling tool. Keep to a regular lunch break and aim to start and finish work at a set time. It’s very easy to get into a bad routine and usually not very forgivable.

How can I use technology?

Google Drive and Calendar are essentials to share your work and keep track of your to-dos. When it comes to team communication, Zoom is currently dominating. Unless it’s your job, avoid social networking platforms such as facebook and Instagram.

When did you last phone home?

Remote work does not mean working in isolation. Contact colleagues, friends, and family when necessary. Keep them up to date on your schedule and inform them of your routine. If you are struggling with remote working, share the load and talk to people about it. It’s likely that others will be able to relate with you.

Do you have interesting breaks?

You can have the best breaks in the world. Explore somewhere new. If you work at home, check out the kitchen or garden. Do you have a reading list? Are you into Yoga?

Are you accountable?

The responsibility lies with you. Accountability is everything. If you work from home, keep people up-to-date with your ever-changing working schedule. Be proactive and tell people what you have done today. Being upfront will ensure accountability. Be transparent.