Why is branding important to a business?

Branding coca cola importance

Branding is important to a business because it differentiates your company from the competition. Branding is not just what a company looks like, it’s how a company is perceived by others.

With creativity and an objective, a brand can spark an emotional connection with its audience, resulting in a rememberable and trustable experience.

Businesses and organisations should start building their brand as soon as the company is formed, and then continue as the company progresses through its life.

A companies future depends on branding, it’s important to maintain while letting it grow organically.

Is a logo the same as branding?

A logo on its own is a graphic element that speaks for the brand. A brand is a combination of everything that the company stands for. Without the brand, the logo would just be something that looks nice.

A Logo can also be referenced as a symbol, icon or mark.

When a  logo is combined with a strong brand, there is resilience which can become industry-leading. I like to think of a logo as armour on a warrior. Everything under the armour is the brand.

If you are building a brand, don’t underestimate the importance of a well-designed logo. It is one of the most important investments that your brand and business can have.

Does branding build an emotional connection?

The strongest brands can deeply connect with customers, employees and the general public on a personal level. Just like every love story, this connection is a gradual process that happens with time.

A brand strong emotional connection can be started by a strong and trustable reputation – letting your audience familiarise and remember through different communication channels.

Is there a psychology of colours in branding?

Colours convey emotions, feelings and experiences – Everything a brand needs to have.

Colour is vital when building a brand as it’s the first thing people notice and remember. Coke-Cola has one of the strongest brand recognition colours on earth. When many people see the colour red, they associate it with coke.

Colours have different psychological meanings and convey different emotions, feelings and experiences. As an example; red is the colour of passion, life and energy, whereas the colour blue is a calming and intelligent colour.

When starting a brand, it’s very important to research colour choices. You don’t want the same colour as your competition… However, you also don’t want your brand and colour choice to portray conflicting emotions. Once you have researched the most fitting colour for your brand, get hold of a Pantone book and find the perfect shade.

Is branding confidence key?

Great branding has a strategy and is intelligent. Sometimes close to crossing the line of no return. For a brand to shine, confidence and personality are massive factors. Take your brand as extreme as it can go so it stands out in the crowded, and always changing marketplace.

Confidence sells and is contagious. If your brand does not believe in itself, no one will believe in it. Brands need to defend what they believe in.

Does great branding have purpose?

Great branding is more than just a logo, font and colours, it needs to communicate a narrative and aim high.

Ambition is excellent quality for a brand to have as it helps portray a direction. Having objectives, visions and values, while still developing a core set of brand principles as trends change is paramount for business survival.

Should brands stand the test of time?

Tradition and heritage are one of the strongest factors when it comes to branding up a business. If you don’t have these, find them or create them so your brand feels more established and trustable.

As time develops so do brands and logos. Shell is an excellent brand case study. You can learn more about shells brand heritage here

How important is word of mouth?

Should my brand be rememberable?

The strongest brands are the ones that are remembered and talked about in positive ways. This creates is a very passive engagement which is the best way to build trust and increase your brand awareness, feasibly. The best marketing is free marketing.

What is my brands morale like?

Happy people create happy environments. Richard Branson once said, “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

I believe that employees create the brand DNA. If the employer morale is high, and everyone is proud to be working with the brand, positivity will increase productivity and the company will flourish.

Do Brands unite an audience?

Football Fans

Brand ambassador, and partnering with other companies can enhance what you believe in, and will attract others into the same niche. A deep connection on a personal level is a reflection of a well-built brand.

When you unite customers through values, a strong brand loyalty gets created, which broadens your scope, resulting to brand longevity.

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