What Is AmazingTalker? Can I Teach English Online In 2024…

AmazingTalker teacher online

AmazingTalker is a teaching platform that connects students with teachers across the world. Teachers can connect to potential students of all ages over Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Compared to other online teaching platforms, AmazingTalker is more transparent. Teachers are given more control by setting their own rates.

AmazingTalker provides detailed information about how much each teacher charges per lesson and how many lessons they have taught, which helps students understand exactly what they’re getting into before signing up!

Is AmazingTalker a Chinese company?

Amazing Talker was founded in Taipei, Taiwan, in 2016. They offer online language learning services connecting students with tutors from around the world. The company is Taiwanese and this can be reflected in how the business operates. Teachers and Students come first.

Is AmazingTalker real and safe?

AmazingTalker is a legitimate company. Just check out all the teacher profiles on youtube. Some Youtube celebrities have even endorsed the platform!

It may take a few weeks to get students on AmazingTalker as you have to build yourself up on the platform, but once you gain a few 5-stars and positive feedback, students start flowing in.

It took me 3 weeks on AmazingTalker to start getting students, but when I did, students kept buying blocks of 5 and 10 lessons. Just be strong and wait out the slow period. The majority of students are from Taiwan and Hong Kong. Before no time, you will have a few months booked up in advance!

Generally, AmazingTalker is considered safe to use. They have security measures in place to protect users’ personal information and financial transactions. However, as with any online platform, it’s essential to take precautions to safeguard your privacy and security. Make sure to use strong, unique passwords, avoid sharing sensitive information unnecessarily, and be cautious when interacting with tutors or other users. Also Reading reviews and researching the platform’s reputation can provide this additional insight into its safety and reliability.

Which languages can I teach on AmazingTalker?

Teachers from all over the world join AmazingTalker and teach Thai, English, Korean, Japanese, French, Chinese, Spanish, German, Malayalam, Mandarin, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Portugese… Plus loads more. Some teachers even teach math, piano, and flute!

So How Much Does AmazingTalker Pay?

Teachers on AmazingTalker can charge what they like. Most earn between $8–$30 per hour.

Being able to schedule lessons around your own schedule and charge what you believe is value for skills. This creates a very flexible work/life balance.

How long are the classes?

Demo sessions on AmazingTalker last for 35 minutes and official classes last for 1 hour.

How do I get paid on AmazingTalker?

On the AmazingTalker profile page, there is a button that reads “My income report’. Once clicked you should be able to see options to withdraw using either Paypal, Payoneer or Bank Transfer. Payments usually take less than a day to arrive in bank accounts.

Is AmazingTalker better than Preply?

AmazingTalker is the best platform to use if you wish to teach people of all ages from countries within Asia. Preply is best if you wish to teach people of all ages from countries out of Asia and within Europe. Working on both Preply and AmazingTalker simultaneously is good because it enables you to utilise the time differences.

What are AmazingTalker coupons?

Teachers can offer coupons to potential students, as a way to tempt students to buy packages of 5 or 10 lessons. If you have lots of students on packages, you can potentially book students in for the next few months.

Is AmazingTalker worth it?

Many people teach English with AmazingTalker, while also travelling around exotic counties such as Thailand or Mexico. If you wish to be your own boss and set your own salary… Becoming an AmazingTalker is something to consider.