Can you make money on Preply?

ey on Preply?

Preply is an excellent online educational platform to make money on! The platform matches 200,000 students from all over the world with teachers in a 1-on-1 setting. Students can learn a variety of languages and subjects. Tutors get paid for the lessons they teach on a freelance basis.

How can I become a Preply tutor in 2022

To apply as a Preply tutor, you don’t need any teaching experience. But having some teaching experience accompanied with teaching qualifications such as a TEFL will improve the chances to be accepted onto the platform, and then by the students. Tutors with teaching qualifications will get more classes with students than tutors with no experience.

Before Preply accepts tutors, profiles will need to be fully completed. Without a real photo or video, tutors will not pass the selection process. Preply doesn’t tend to send rejection letters either which may leave you wondering for a while.

Like other remote workers, to be a Preply tutor you will need a stable internet connection, a computer with a webcam, and a headset with a microphone.

As for software, you just need one of the following internet browsers; google chrome, firefox, opera or Safari. Remember to switch off any ad blockers as these can tend to affect how Preply functions.

Props and visual aids are excellent things to have, as they can help regain the attention of younger students and make the classes more interesting.

Finally, the main thing needed to become a Preply tutor in 2022 is passion, patience and determination.

Is Preply hiring?

Preply is currently hiring tutors in a variety of subjects. They are looking for knowledgeable and experienced individuals who can provide high-quality lessons to students. Preply will review all applications and contact teachers should they feel they would be a good fit for the platform.

How to get students on Preply

Students on Preply can search for teachers’ availability, nationality, language, and even pay. Once the student clicks on a teacher, the student can learn more about the tutor and view the teacher’s calendar to schedule in a class. This then sends a notification to the teacher informing them of a booking.

Tutor Profile

A filled up profile page sells the tutor. It’s the first thing the students will see and a great profile page will get lots of student requests for classes.

Complete your profile as much as you can. Adding a clear and professional photo that will capture your audience will go a long way. Do not upload images showing other people, objects or cityscapes etc. The profile page is about you, the teacher, and needs to build trust. Nothing is more trustable than a smart professional photo of yourself .

A good video mentioning all your qualifications, experiences, hobbies and what you can provide, is also vital to market your skills and services. When putting together a profile video, remember the following;

  1. Smile and be confident!
  2. Speak clearly, precisely and slowly.
  3. Use body language as well as speaking.
  4. Make sure you look presentable and professional.
  5. Check the teaching background is smart and tidy.


To obtain more students, it’s a great idea to open more timeslots. More open timeslots mean more teaching opportunities. Every message sent to potential students should be unique, try to steer away from templated answers. As well as teaching, responses should be human and needs should always be fascinated and met.

Message Response Time

Teaching online is competitive. If you don’t reply to the student as soon as they send over a message, you may lose the business. I try to reply to all messages within 1 hour.

Building rapport

Adding personality to all your lessons, and building rapport between you and the students will hopefully produce positive reviews which will boost your profile among other tutors and ultimately help you get more students on your books.

Regularly asking students how they feel about your class and if they would like to focus on any particular area will help cater to needs and requirements and students will feel more satisfied.

Do tutors pay to teach on Preply?

Tutors only pay the fee’s in the form of commission. Commission gets deducted when the lessons have been booked and paid for. Below is the 2022 commission chart from Preply.

Teach 0–20 Hours33% commission
Teach 21–50 Hours28% commission
Teach 51–200 Hours25% commission
Teach 201–400 Hours22% commission
Teach 400+ Hours18% commission

Does Preply provide teaching materials?

Preply offers teaching material to support those teachers with less experience and for those who haven’t prepared anything. The teaching material on Preply is varied and goes into grammar, vocabulary, and reading tasks. Most teachers just like to get straight into teaching without preparing too much so the teaching materials on Preply help facilitate this need.

Some tutors also sign up to teach students on set courses with lesson objectives; for these classes, you can’t change the materials much, but are encouraged to personalise.

How much money can I make on Preply?

The amount of money you can make on Preply will depend on how many hours you work.

On Preply, the average monthly salary of tutors working 0-10 hours per week is $117.7. On the other hand, tutors working 40-50 hours per week make an average of $1,416.4.


After students confirm classes with tutors, the money appears in the Preply wallet. You can withdraw the hard-earned cash into Paypal or Payoneer and then transfer it to your bank.

It’s worth noting that for every new student you tutor, Preply will take the whole payment for the first lesson as commission. It’s super important to build rapport from day 1 so you can retain students for future lessons. Without retaining students you will never get paid!

Preply is a great platform which enables students to find suitable tutors. Once you have established yourself as a professional teacher, you will start to find your earnings increase but it takes time.

There are some great benefits of teaching with Preply and you decide your own hourly pay. Teaching on Preply is for freelance teachers as the platform offers no security in terms of earnings, pension contributions, or paid holiday allowance. And you are liable for submitting and paying all your income tax.

Make money teaching with Preply