Is iTutor Hiring? Apply To Teach English Online!

iTutor is always hiring new talent. This guide will help you pass the iTutor application process, and become an iTutor consultant (Teacher). We outline all the information you need to know to get hired by iTutor in 2022 starting with who they actually are.

Who is the iTutor Group?

The iTutor Group were one of the first online English teaching platforms for students in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. They teach both adults and children who want to learn English. With iTutor, you can learn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Anytime and anywhere with a good internet connection!

iTutor matches students with teachers using an advanced algorithm. Students are able to rate who they like the most, which ultimately provides the student with a selection of the most suitable teachers. When the teachers open slots, students are automatically assigned. iTutor provides all the lesson materials, so the Teachers can do what they love to do best, teach.

What type of classes does iTutor provide?

iTutor has two types of classes. The most popular class type is the ‘Regular’.

Regular One-on-one classes run for 25-minutes.

Regular group classes run for 45 minutes.

The other type of class is a demo class. Once teachers check in to the system, they get assigned 15-minute slots for an hour, with students who want to try a lesson without committing to anything. These classes run for 15 minutes. Some teachers love these classes, some teachers hate these classes.

If you are great at first impressions, you can make a lot of money from demo classes as they are commission-based.

What are the requirements to teach with iTutor?

iTutor requires teachers to have a bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate such as a TEFL. Teachers need to speak with a neutral English accent. However, you don’t have to be a native English speaker.

Teachers also need a strong, stable internet connection, with a headset and laptop. iTutor teachers must wear a red polo shirt and have a white or colourful background. If you want to teach English online with no experience please click here.

How can I get hired by iTutor Group?

You can get hired by iTutor Group in as little as one week! All you need to do is sign up here and complete the training.

Within a few days after getting accepted you can expect a schedule. Once you complete the application process, pass the mock interview, and do some training, you are ready to go!

Below is the iTutor application process.

#1 Submit your application to the iTutor Group website

Submit your details, CV, and a picture of yourself. Make your CV relevant by outlining your teaching experience or any relatable volunteering.

For teaching children, you could also include any experience such as babysitting or helping with homework. For adults, you could mention that time you trained colleagues when you were working full-time in an office.

When uploading your picture, remember to smile and look friendly. Although iTutor does not discriminate, if you are not happy with your photo, it may be challenging to remove it from the system. Currently, The profile photo you upload will appear in your every class when your camera is turned off. 😊

#2 What will happen during the iTutor interview?

You will need to have a 10–15 minute interview with a teacher on the special iTutor platform where they ask you questions like:

  • Do you have a bachelor’s degree and TEFL?
  • What teaching or ESL experience do you have?
  • What ages have you taught?
  • Are you comfortable teaching both children and adults?
  • If a child is not paying attention in class, what would you do to change that?
  • If an adult does not understand what you are trying to teach, how can you overcome this?

And then after the questions, it’s time for that awkward demo class.

The teacher will go through some of the tools which you can use in the platform, and then invite you for a demo class. Here the interviewer will pretend to be the student and you the teacher. This only lasts for a few minutes, and the purpose of this is to test how you deliver the class, so don’t focus too much on the timing.

The mock class that I had was easier than other mock classes I’ve had with other online teaching companies. So for this reason, I recommend iTutor to anyone who wants to see if online teaching is for them.

You get to look over the demo class teaching materials a few days before the interview, so you can practice and prepare a few props ( toys, cars, flashcards, etc.) Lastly, remember to smile and have fun!

Tips for a great online teaching interview:

Bright Lighting

Find a bright and quiet room. Test your webcam before the interview to make sure you and your background are fully lit up with no lens flare or reflections. I suggest setting up your workstation with a background that is plain or filled up with colourful educational posters.

Avoid windows overlooking the outside because outside is usually lighter, resulting in the webcam losing focus and you being in darkness. Also, you can’t control what will happen outside your window. When teaching, control is everything.

Speak slowly

English is likely to not be the native language of the students you will be teaching. So speak slowly and clearly. This is extremely important if you have to drill new words in the classroom.

Smile, have fun and be energetic

Smiling usually makes a person more approachable, and students are more likely to participate and take risks in pronouncing new words when the teacher is fun and energetic.

The iTutor interviewer is friendly, and patient, and wants you to feel comfortable and pass the interview!

Use props

Students love seeing realia. Make use of flashcards and wall posters. Try to use relevant props when teaching. Using probs, help build relationships and can help grab the student’s attention, should they get distracted.

Use total physical response

Use hand gestures and facial expressions to get your point across to the students. All online teaching providers promote the use of using TPR in class. After all, body language accounts for 70 to 93 per cent of all communication.

Have reward systems

Students love being told that they did a good job. In fact, everybody loves being told they did a good job. Awarding students for good behaviour or pronouncing a word very clearly, or even noticing their development, will encourage a positive learning experience.

While you might award students by using the thumbs up 👍 on the platform, you could also provide more exciting rewards. When teaching children, you could often high-five the camera, or use stickers/magnets on your background.

#3 Wait 2-3 days for the result

If you have completed the steps above and have presented yourself well, passing the interview process should be a breeze and you should get an email of approval within 2–3 days, if not instantly.

iTutor is a great platform to start with when teaching online. The iTutor group are a friendly bunch of people that will help, should you have any questions or queries.

#4 Submit documents and complete the training

iTutor group may request for you to upload your bachelor’s degree and TEFL certificate to their system after the interview.

You may need to record 2 short clips and 2 personal statements as well. One suited for teaching children and one suited for teaching adults.