Why Is Remote Working In Seychelles Good?

seychelles is great

Seychelles is a group of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. The Seychelles is known for its beautiful beaches, clear blue waters, lush vegetation, and tropical gardens. Imagine spending a few hours answering emails, and then spending the rest of the day relaxing in this sunny dream-like paradise. The Seychelles is an attractive destination for remote workers and digital nomads.

Seychelles offers good internet connectivity if you are having a good day, a warm climate year-round, and a relaxed lifestyle. There are also a number of coworking spaces and cafes where digital nomads can work and socialize.

The Seychelles is a great place to live and work if you’re looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. And with its affordable cost of living, Seychelles is an attractive destination for digital nomads on a budget. So if you’re thinking about working remotely in Seychelles, go for it! You won’t regret it.

Here are some reasons why we believe working remotely in Seychelles is good…

The Seychelles digital nomad visa

Following the shift to remote working in 2021, Seychelles were very reactive and created a special nomad visa called the ‘Workation Program’. This visa allows digital nomads to stay in Seychelles for up to a whole year! This visa costs just € 45. To qualify for the visa all you need is a valid passport, travel insurance, and proof of income (to prove that you can afford to live)

You can apply for The Seychalles digital nomad visa here!

Can I work online in Seychelles?


Powercuts happen more regularly on the smaller islands. So if you are dependent on always having power in your gadgets. Try and stay charged up. When living on the Seychelles, it’s a good idea to carry extra batteries, solar pannels, and power banks inczse a powercut happens.


Fast and reliable internet isn’t guaranteed, so it’s important to check with the hotel, place or island where you are staying. To find out the internet speed run an internet speed test.

The most popular internet providers in Seychelles include –Intellivision, Airtel, Cable & Wireless and Kokonet. Wireless access exists but it’s always worth having a backup sim card with a data package.

Using a mobile phone as a hotspot will make things easier if the wifi goes down. When purchasing a sim card in Seyshells, take your passport with you. Many shops in Seychelles allow you to top your credit for data.

Weather in Seychelles

The average temperature of Seychelles is 27 degrees Celsius. The weather is sunny and humid, with occasional showers. This weather is ideal for those remote workers who want to escape the cold winters of Europe or North America.

The weather in Seychelles is perfect for lounging on the beach, hiking, or exploring the lush jungle. If you are looking for a destination to work from that has beautiful scenery and perfect weather, Seychelles is the place for you.

Rent and Buy a place in Seychelles

If you truly want to escape into an oasis of paradise, you could rent or even buy an entire island.

If you desire to work remotely in a hotel during your stay, the three most popular regions in the Seychelles include; Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue.

Transport In Seychelles

Similar to most other tourist destinations around the world, transport is everywhere. There are a number of modes of transport in Seychelles. Like most developed countries, there are roads, airports, and of course seaports.

But, that being said… Transport in Seychelles can be a challenge, especially if you’re trying to get around while also remote working.

There are a few options available though, and with a little planning, it is possible to find a way that suits you. The most common form of transport is by bicycle, and there are plenty of companies that will rent you one for a reasonable price.

You can also take a taxi, or rent a car. Some people use the public buses, which are reliable but can be expensive… Or hitchhike, which is free but not always safe. Whichever way you choose to get around, make sure you allow plenty of time for your journey as the roads are often very busy.

Taking a Taxi in Seychelles

One of the must-have apps when living in the Seychelles is the BouZay taxi app. This App helps the user find available taxis in Seychelles and make a booking.

Taking the bus in Seychelles

Many places in Seychelles are accessible by bus but this can consume a lot of valuable time. When working remotely, time is money.

Renting a car in Seychelles

There are many car rental companies in Seychelles. Renting a vehicle is a great idea as waiting times for public transport can really swallow up your valuable work time. Taxies are also available, but they are much costlier and less convenient than renting a car.

Is Seychelles safe for remote workers?

Remote working in Seychelles has become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more people look for ways to balance work and life. And while there are many benefits to working from home or from abroad in a country such as Seychelles, there are also some challenges. One of the biggest concerns for remote workers is safety.

Seychelles is both beautiful and safe, It’s definitely a country worth considering if you are considering working remotely. The country has a low crime rate and plenty of security measures in place.

Like anywhere in this world, by being aware of your surroundings and taking steps to secure your home, you can help reduce the risk of any safety concerns.

Seychelles is safe

Can my employer see where I am working from?

working remotely from Seychelles is a great way to enjoy some sun and sand while still getting work done. However, you may be wondering if your employer can see where you are working.

If you’re working remotely from Seychelles, your employer may not be able to see your exact location. However, there are a few ways they can figure out where you are working from. For example, if you’re using a company laptop or phone, they can track your IP address. Fortunately, one way around this issue is to install a VPN.

Additionally, many emails and messaging services include location data in their headers, which your employer can see. So if you’re working remotely from Seychelles and want to keep your location a secret, it’s best to use a personal device and avoid sharing your location data in emails or messages.

If you want to work remotely in the Seychelles in top secret, don’t post any pictures on social media… Clients may start ghosting you!

Do people in the Seychelles Speak English?

The majority of local people in Seychelles, speak Seychellois Creole (Seselwa). As well as speaking Seselwa, many people also speak French and English. These three languages are learnt in secondary education and are used daily due to the popular tourism sector.

Is Seychelles a good country to live in?

If you love stunning beaches, lush jungle foliage, and clear blue waters then Seychelles is a good country to live in.

The weather is warm year-round, making it an ideal location for those who want to escape the cold winters. There are also plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, and snorkelling.

Because it’s remote, you won’t have to worry about distractions from work. However, living in Seychelles does have its challenges. The cost of living is high, there are limited job prospects and the internet/power can go down. But if you’re looking for a place to relax and enjoy nature, while occasionally working remotely, Seychelles might be the perfect place for you.