Work From Home In The Maldives – Perfect For Digital Nomad’s In 2022

working remotely from the Maldives

If you’re looking for a beautiful work-from-home destination, look no further than the Maldives. While once considered a vacation destination for the super-wealthy, the nation of islands located in the Indian Ocean has recently opened itself to travellers from all walks of life – including digital nomads. 

In 2020 offices around the world shut their doors, propelling us into a brave new world of zoom meetings. Are you one of the many people who found themselves working from home? You may not be so eager to return to the office now that the world has begun to open back up.

Fortunately, many companies are continuing to allow employees to work from home. No longer must the career-oriented professional be chained to a desk. The digital nomad lifestyle of living and working abroad is becoming more popular than ever before. 

Digital nomads have many factors to consider when choosing a place to work and live. You’ll want to make sure that your country of choice is affordable, safe, fun, and has the necessary amenities to actually do your job. 

The Maldives are quickly proving to be a hotspot for digital nomads from around the world. Working from home in the Maldives will allow you to experience the most beautiful tropical beaches in the world. The benefits of the islands’ excellent technology and infrastructure make the Maldives the perfect place to remote work.

Can I work from home in the Maldives?

The Maldives is an excellent place to base yourself as a remote worker. Most of us have the perception that the Maldives are luxurious playgrounds for the rich and famous. The glamorous resorts with bungalows overlooking crystal clear water look like something out of a travel magazine or an influencers Instagram. 

You no longer have to be a member of the wealthy elite to enjoy what the Maldives has to offer. Previously, expensive resorts were the only option for housing, but more recently the government of the islands has allowed for private homestays.

 These homestays create a much more affordable option and open up the beautiful islands to all kinds of travellers. 

What is the Wi-Fi like in the Maldives?

One of the best parts of working remotely in the Maldives is the excellent connectivity. The internet speed in the Maldives is surprisingly awesome. Free Wi-Fi is every digital nomad’s dream come true, and in the Maldives, you can access the internet from almost anywhere on the islands. No longer will you be limited to cafes and coworking spaces. 

Underwater cables are connecting the islands to the mainland. When you subscribe to either of the primary providers, Ooredoo and Dhiraagu, you can get internet reception from anywhere on the Islands. You can literally work from the beach. Talk about an office with a view! 

Are the Maldives safe for digital nomads?

The Maldives is a well-established tourist destination and has been for many years. Being considered an extremely safe destination for all kinds of tourists. The Maldives is an excellent, worry-free destination for digital nomads.

Also, the people in the Maldives are generally well receptive to foreigners. They’re so used to tourists from around the world. The infrastructure and transportation to and from the islands are quite reliable. 

Where do I stay when working remotely from the Maldives?

The Maldives has a variety of accommodations to fit many preferences and budgets. If you’re looking to live and work remotely abroad, living expenses undoubtedly play a major factor. Fortunately, there are many affordable options available outside of the fancy resorts that the islands are known for. 

The Maldives is made up of a multitude of islands, some of which are busy and have many inhabitants like Maafushi, and others that are more remote and less populated like Maradhoo

If your budget allows for it, staying at one of the resorts or retreats would be a convenient and comfortable option for working remotely. A few of the resorts are even designing packages geared towards the more elite digital nomads. 

Nautilus Maldives has a special deal for three weeks that includes Wi-Fi, a sandbank workstation, a desk with a view of the ocean, office equipment, a personal attendant – all for the whopping price tag of 52,000 USD.

Only slightly less outrageous is the package offered by Vakkaru which includes 21 days with a beach boardroom, a fitness program, and snacks for 18,000 USD. 

Staying in an all-inclusive resort without all of the special amenities for your people working from home is another option, however, keep in mind that there are usually fees to use the business centres within the larger hotels. 

If you’re like most digital nomads, you’re probably looking for a lower price point which can be found at any of the island’s numerous guest houses. It’s possible to find rooms for as low as $30 per night, and many of them include breakfast.

Cost of living while working remotely in the Maldives 

Despite being viewed as an international playground for the wealthy, the cost of living outside of the resorts is actually significantly less expensive than the United States.

The estimated monthly cost for a single person is around 762 USD. Overall the cost of living is around 20% less than it would be in the United States. You can easily eat all your meals out for around $10 per day. 

It may not be quite as cheap as some of the super low-cost destinations that are typical hotspots for digital nomads, but you’ve got to keep in mind that we’re talking about the Maldives, which are named one of the word’s best travel destinations year after year and are often described as paradise on earth. 

Visa and travel requirements for remote workers in the Maldives 

The Maldives has not yet launched a remote worker visa. However, it is easy enough to enter the country on a 30-day tourist visa. You can extend, once you have arrived. 

The process to extend takes around 7 days, so start early when you decide you are planning on staying for longer than a month. If you choose to stay at a resort, they will likely help you with the process. If not, do your research ahead of time… Make sure you know the right people to contact upon your arrival.

Upon arriving in the Maldives, travellers will be required to show their passports as well as a PCR Covid-19 test, regardless of vaccination status. The PCR test should be taken within 96 hours of embarkation. Traveler Health Declaration (THD) must also be filled out within 24 hours prior to travel. 

This means you can travel to the Maldives without having the Covid-19 vaccines.

Climate, Food, and Fun 

If you’re choosing to work remotely in the Maldives, you’re probably doing it for the lifestyle. The Maldives host some of the most stunning beaches and beautiful surroundings in the world. 

The climate on the islands is warm and tropical as they fall almost directly on the equator. It is hot and humid year-round, with the driest months falling between January and April. The nice ocean breeze cuts through the heat, and the sun is almost always shining. 

The local cuisine is inspired by neighbouring regions like India and Sri Lanka, making a delicious fusion of island flare. Seafood is huge on the islands and fish and coconut are staples in the local diet. 

Traditional cuisine is known as Dhivehi and is packed with a variety of flavours. The food generally has a mild spiciness and a light sweetness and some local favourites include Garudhiya which is a fish soup and Mas Huni which is a shredded smoked tuna and coconut dish that is often consumed for breakfast. 

Another unique favourite is Boshi Mashuni which is a banana flower salad that is sort of a cross between a salsa and a salad. It’s made with coconut, curry, turmeric, cumin, lime, and Maldivian chilli that give it a tangy kick. With so many unique flavours, the food will never get boring. 

Mas Huni. Traditional Maldivian food working remotely
Mas Huni – Traditional Maldivian breakfast of tuna, coconut, onion and chilli with chapati tortillas.

Is working from Home as a nomad in The Maldives a good idea?

For city dwellers used to constant hustle and bustle, the Maldives may require some adjustment after the initial excitement of the trip fades and you settle into remote work. 

The island lifestyle is slower-paced and more relaxed, but not boring. Yoga classes, snorkel excursions, boat rides, fishing, cooking classes, and drum circles are just a few of the exciting activities that remote workers can enjoy on the islands. 

The Maldives is a world-class travel destination and an island paradise unlike anywhere else on earth. For remote workers, they’re more than just a place for a luxurious vacation – they are the perfect places to set up shop as digital nomads and enjoy the magic of island life every day.