The 5 Best Remote Working Habits For The Morning


There is always that temptation to hit that snooze button and stay in bed for that little bit longer… Sometimes it’s difficult to wake up early in the morning, especially if you’re working remotely from home or working that late-night shift.

It’s been proven in many studies, that waking up at the crack of dawn and starting our day in the right way, makes us more productive and purposeful. But that mindset doesn’t always make waking up easier.

Before we dive into remote working habits for the morning, it’s important to note that too often we get obsessed with making life-changing transformations. If you take each step gradually, introducing each point into your lifestyle, you will more than likely stick to what is being preached.

so, here are our 5 best remote working habits for the morning!

1. Stop checking your phone

In this technology popup notification driven world, as soon as we open our eyes, it’s tempting to check our mobile phones for messages, emails, and updates, etc.

Once in a while – Why not take some time out and watch the sunrise instead? Some people even start yoga or visit the gym.

Focusing on yourself in the morning is far healthier than focusing on other people’s opinions, requests, and advertising.

Keep your thinking pure. 😇

2. Why should I make my bed every day?

Like most people, I have memories of my mother demanding me to make up my bed and tidy my room.

I now understand why. Discipline is key to success. Making the bed as soon as we wake up gives us a sense of satisfaction and respect; inspiring us to do more. Also being kind to your sheets will help them look clean and new for longer.

Making your bed is a great way to start adding more consistency to your daily routine, especially if you tend to move around a lot.

3. It’s never too early for a stretch!

It is common for your body to ache and feel low in energy when waking up. Doing gentle stretches right after opening your eyes, loosens up muscles and helps with flexibility.

Relieve those unwanted tensions from your ligaments and joints, improve your blood circulation and get things done!

You could even combine stretching with mindfulness techniques. According to, “Mindfulness can: help relieve stress, treat heart disease, lower blood pressure, reduce chronic pain, , improve sleep, and alleviate gastrointestinal difficulties.”

4. Have you ever tried taking multivitamins?

Centrum vitamins
If you’re someone who is interested in incorporating more vitamins into your diet, these Centrum vitamins are great! Many people prefer taking vitamins first thing in the morning before eating breakfast and starting with their day. vitamins have been known to stimulate metabolism and brain function.

5. Today is a great day to smile! 😊

Finally, Start your day with gratitude and positive thoughts. Be happy for another day in your life and forget about anything negative. Count the positives and not the troubles. Smiling is so important at work.

Be grateful for what you have and what life has to offer. Positive vibes only. Use the power of “I am” positive affirmations first thing in the morning — stand in front of the mirror to have a talk with the most amazing person of your life…yourself. Be kind to yourself, especially while working from home!

If you are struggling to reach those positive thoughts, also ask yourself the following questions;

  • What am I happy for today?
  • What am I looking forward to?