Live And Work Remotely In Melbourne – What No One Is Talking About

Melbourne working remotely

What better place to live and work remotely than a city of sunshine and happiness. Being the capital state of Victoria, Melbourne is the second most highly populated Australian city.

There are over 5 million residents and growth is forever on the increase.

This very accessible city offers everything remote workers need, from co-working spaces, cafés to fast internet.

Officially Canberra is the Capital of Australia. But Melbourne is known as Australia’s culture capital, many major events from theatre to literature can be seen here. The variety of cultural happenings combined with Melbourne’s nightlife and waterfront location make this Australian city a very attractive city to work and live from.

Considered to be the garden city of Australia, Melbourne’s abundance of green spaces create a relaxing atmosphere throughout. Better still, with a focus on sustainable building and eco transport methods, this urban land is one of Australia’s most eco-friendly cities.

Remote working spaces in Melbourne

With the advantage of Wi-Fi spots available citywide, there are endless workspaces for remote workers. You can sit in the sun while you work away surrounded by greenery and a multitude of diverse plants species.

Melbourne has a diverse amount of cafés and restaurants. They have sprawled around the city as the population has steadily increased. There is certainly no shortage of places to eat and work. Most, have strong and fast Wi-Fi connections. This city is perfect for those wanting to workspace hop. However, if you would like somewhere slightly more work regimented, then check out one of their many co-working spaces.

Liveability in Melbourne

According to research by Time Out, Melbourne is one of the most communal places and boast having come of the best food and drink cultures in the whole of Australia. It is listed as somewhere that is easy to make friends. The cultured art and music scene, endless places to eat and a large LGBTQ community are thought to contribute to everlasting happiness.

Also, taking the year-long fantastic weather and multitude of green spaces into account. Melbourne is one of the most attractive destinations for all visitors.

Happyness may also play a part due to the average hourly wage being $41.95 (AUD)/hr, the perfect combination of both city life and beach life makes this Australian gem really appealing.

Although this city can be expensive, the quality of life and community it provides is definitely worth the cost. Here are some tips on finding remote accommodation while working abroad.

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Is Melbourne Sustainable?

Melbourne is setting the standard throughout Australia and is focused on reducing emissions. A power purchase agreement has recently been facilitated. This means Melbourne will be provided with enough renewable electricity to power 9 office buildings, 14 shopping centres, 7 educational campuses, and 4 manufacturing facilities.

Melbourne is currently improving urban landscapes as well by integrating soil and vegetation on roofs, walls, and facades. Along with the green gardens, Melbourne certainly has clean air in comparison with other major cities. Additionally, Melbourne is aiming to plant around 5-8 million trees over the next few decades. There have been increased improvements in air quality measured annually since 1973. So you can feel rest assured that while working remotely in their luscious gardens, you are not inhaling polluted air.

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How accessible is Melbourne?

Whether you are looking for activities downtown or places to eat, you will find that everything can be accessed easily. Melbourne has one of the worlds largest tram networks which consists of 160 miles of track!

Melbourne also has the largest freeway network in Australia. Along with trains and buses, these interlinking transport options have the entire city covered and reduce the need for cars. This further increases Melbourne’s status as an eco-friendly city.

You will never get bored with travelling in Melbourne as you can easily and practically switch up your commute.

With each area efficiently connected, Melbourne has high walkability. This further enhances your living experience by increasing access within the city.

With transport available throughout the night, without a car, you are still able to access any area at any time. This means you can make plans last minute. Or working remotely while meeting deadlines in different time zones, late at night, without having to worry about time restraints.

Melbourne is culturally diverse

Residents of Melbourne originate from over 200 different countries. This city certainly is a multi-cultural treasure, fully accepting anyone from anywhere. Perfect for those arriving from another country, with the objective to work and meet people.

Whatever your background, ethnicity or sexual orientation, you will feel accepted in this Australian city. The diversity here is very much welcomed and celebrated. Melbourne’s celebration of diverse culture is continually felt throughout the entire city, with a mixture of ethnic and cultural festivals being held annually.

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There is lots to do in Melbourne

Melbourne has a never-ending eclectic range of things to do. Whether you are a comedy lover, sports fan or street art enthusiast, you will be kept busy.

Melbourne is also quite the place for foodies with its reputable startling array of different cuisines spread throughout the city.

There are many other travelable Australian beauties just a trip away. Gold Coast and Sydney are nearby, making a stay in Melbourne even more enticing. While you can simply wander aimlessly around this urban jungle admiring the funky street art and the sleek modern buildings while testing out their trendy cafes and bars, there are also a limitless amount of other things you could be doing.

The list below is by no means exhaustive. It’s impossible to be bored in Melbourne, there is something for everyone.

Things to do in Melbourne

This modern paradise truly is ideal for remote workers. Perfect for those who love the beach life but also wish for the slick city lifestyle.

With such a diverse population, your stay here will certainly be a cultural eye-opener. With so many green areas and beaches but constant happenings around the city. Head here for a culturally diverse experience and revel in all this Australian gem has to offer.

As remote workers, we have the chance to choose where to live and work, why not choose a city such as Melbourne which is not only full of happiness and acceptance but is also striving to become more sustainable.

There are many benefits to living and working remotely from Melbourne. If Melbourne is for you – Get booking those Economy Tickets, pack your bags and fly off to Melbourne ASAP!