Can You Work From Home As A Graphic Designer?

Graphic Designer working from home

As a graphic designer, It is becoming increasingly more acceptable to work from home. Many people are looking into forming their own working from home career paths. Graphic design is a job you can do from home… Or even the other-side of the world.

Many graphic designers are nomads and can work from Croatia one day to Seychelles the next!

In this article, we will discuss the ins and outs of working from home as a graphic designer.

Is graphic design a good career?

Becoming a graphic designer can be a very fulfilling career. Not only does it use the creative part of your brain but also the objective part.

Many people think that graphic designers only design logos. In actual fact, unless you specialise in logo design or branding, getting the opportunity to design a logo is very rare. Most companies only ever have one logo.

A designer’s role can be very varied. The majority of work nowadays is producing very on-demand graphics for the internet. Graphics can include buttons, layouts and banners for websites as well as posts on Instagram and Facebook.

Graphic Designers can also specialise in print design. One example of a niche in the graphic design spectrum is being a magazine/ editorial designer.

If you open up a magazine, the layout of each page, the font choices, even sometimes pagination, have all been thought about by a designer. The advert that has been placed in has probably been designed by another designer, and then also art-worked in a few different dimensions for online banners and possibly billboards.

Most people who become designers have usually always known that they wanted a job in something creative. Having a job in graphic design allows you as a person, to be extra creative; solve problems & develop brands. It allows you to think of an idea, and turn it into a reality, which is very rewarding, especially when you have happy clients and get to see your design nationwide.

Do designers work alone from home?

Graphic Design is never a solo activity unless of course you are building your own product and don’t want any help or advice.

Designers are always challenging each other because the industry is competitive. However, graphic designers are always working with each other as well. This is for a number of reasons, the main reason being time restraints. In the life of a designer, your project was always due yesterday.

It’s normal for a campaign, for instance, to be split up into lots of milestones. Designers usually work on different parts of the job, so the job can be completed faster.

Graphic designers have to work with project stakeholders very closely as well. This is to make sure the brief has been fulfilled to its promised potential.

Are Graphic Designers introverted?

Many people are introverted, but this should never discourage anyone from working in their dream job, such as becoming a graphic designer, if that is their passion.

Introverted and extroverted people can both work in the graphic design industry. There is a specialism/niche in design for every type of person.

A very on-demand retail design job, where you have collaborated with many people in the business, such as photographers, Marketers, Proofreaders, editors, and printers. It may not be the best job for an introverted person, especially if they don’t feel comfortable with people. The same applies to working as a team lead or self-employed freelancer. Finding work, writing proposals, selling ideas and final artwork to clients, as well as chasing unpaid invoices may not come naturally.

But, finding a position that enables working in a design team to discuss the creative direction, and then heading off to design the work individually. This may be a better-suited position.

Art-working is another role similar to what a designer does. Instead of all the client meetings and collaborations, it’s more about sitting down and making something look the best it can before it gets sent off to the next person in line.

There are different requirements for different roles in design. If you want to work at home as a graphic designer, make sure that you are able to specialise in an area of design that you feel the most comfortable working in.

Is graphic design hard?

The word hard just depends on a certain perspective. I would definitely say that graphic design has its challenges, but what job doesn’t?

One thing that makes design hard, like many other creative jobs, is Creative block. Just like writer’s block, some days you feel like a fraud, and cannot process anything. But, that’s what a job in the creative industry is all about; seeing problems exist and figuring out the best solution. The best reward comes, once you’ve reached the best possible end result.

Sometimes when working from home as a graphic designer, it can be very difficult to think of ideas as the surroundings are always the same. This makes graphic design hard, so it’s a good idea to move to a different room or even work in your local coffee shop for the day.

Should I get real-life, in-person design experience before working from home?

Working from home is fantastic. But doing so, you can miss out on invaluable workplace experiences, that cannot yet be replicated.

When working in the same location as other colleagues and designers, you feel more involved. If your colleague is having issues you can learn why. Learning from a person next to you, on-demand is invaluable. You can also peep at your boss’s screen to make sure he’s working. Even from a socialising point of view, long-lasting memories can be made from discussions in the work kitchen, with a cup of tea in your hand.

Bouncing spontaneous ideas off each other and coming up with the best solutions in the moment, is another thing that cannot be replicated to the same extent as working from home. It’s very hard, listing to multiple people speaking at the same time over a conference call, however, in person, it’s not as much of an issue.

Ideally, everyone that wants to become a Graphic Designer should get real tangible in-person experience before working from home, as working in an office is an education in itself.

Is graphic design competitive?

Graphic Design is super competitive. Everyone is constantly trying to come up with new and innovative designs and ideas, that will end up ultimately being used in the real world, and then documented inside a portfolio.

But also, as a graphic designer, you are part of a community and feel like a collective.

It can be hard starting as a graphic designer and earning enough credentials to prove yourself. Many new graphic designers have to work in many internships which sometimes only cover travel expenses. You have to stand out from the crowd in this saturated market and work your socks off.

The secret to succeeding as a graphic designer is to gain as much experience as you can to build up a solid base of a portfolio, and then replace projects as you progress your career and get better at your craft.

What equipment do graphic designers need at home?

Graphic Designers need certain equipment and tools, to help do their job effectively. Whether you’re starting from nothing or looking to upgrade your kit, these recommendations will help you.

Apple’s MacBook Pro

In this age of remote working, having and using a laptop is critical. It’s industry-standard, for Graphic Designers to work on a Mac. This is Apple’s most powerful, largest and most professional laptop to date. Not only do you look the part, but you can also walk the talk and perform any job needed without the computer crashing during presentations.

The larger retina display screen is ideally suited to design work. The battery has the largest capacity ever, in a MacBook Pro. which is particularly impressive considering how powerful this computer is.

Of course, you pay more for a Mac than the equivalent Windows, however, your system will more likely perform better for longer, and not let you down for years to come. Owning a Mac is an investment in your business.

Apple’s 27-inch iMac

For when you want to base yourself in one place and knuckle down on a project, a desktop computer comes in handy.

My Desktop of choice is the Apple 27-Inch MacBook Pro. The Retina screen is excellent. Who would have thought Apple would create a screen with one billion colours! With this computer, your graphics will be super sharp.

Additional monitors

Once you start working with two screens, it’s very difficult to switch back to just one. With two screens you can dedicate one to emails and finding certain files, and the other, to design on. The other monitor does not have to be an apple monitor for it to work.

External solid state drives

The SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD is an excellent everyday alternative to the hard drive. Perfect for working remotely, moving files across devices while not wearing down your computer’s storage. Nothing in this SSD spins or clicks. This one should last a little longer than the traditional spinning type as they can survive more g-force than a typical HDD. External solid-state drives, generally have a faster boot-up speed and are quicker at reading and writing.

An iPhone

As a freelance designer, I am always on the phone, replying to emails, taking photographs, and applying to jobs on Upwork. A reliable phone that can work well with all your devices is paramount for a swift workflow. As all my equipment is Apple, it makes sense to also have an apple phone!

Sketchbooks or notebooks

I am addicted to moleskin. I have 2 notebooks, 1 diary, and 1 sketchbook. Moleskin took the concept of a two-century-old notebook and transformed it into pop culture. The quality and design are excellent.

Pantone swatch books

A Pantone book is essential for every print designer out there. If you are starting out your design career, you should look into purchasing the Pantone coated and uncoated book. This book does not have to be new. Colours will appear slightly faded in older books.

Pantone books are needed to match colours. The colours you see on your computer screen can come out very different when printed.

Standing desk

It’s not healthy to stay seated for long periods of time. A Standing desk can help encourage better posture throughout the day. Not only that, you won’t fall asleep standing up!

Apple AirPods

Wireless headphones are excellent. You can get up to 5 hours of listening time or 3 hours of talk time on a single charge. Should you be working solidly for that amount of time, you should get up and do some exercise! For every 15 minutes of charge time, you get 3 hours of listening time, that’s amazing!

One of the reasons I choose to purchase the AirPods was because my toddler keeps eating wires on my other headphones. These are untouchable.

What software do graphic designers need at home?

Equipment is nothing without the software! When working as a graphic designer from home the following pieces of software will be vital.

Adobe Cloud

Adobe Cloud is the industry-leading software that all designers must have to work on projects. It’s universally used, and Adobe has pretty much monopolised the industry. In the past you would purchase the software as a one-off payment, now you have to subscribe. There are many benefits with this subscription model, one having access to the huge library of fonts.

Microsoft Office

Everybody has heard of Microsoft Office, and it’s a necessary software for all designers because briefs generally come in Microsoft Word format. Occasionally you may also have to take data from Excel for tables and charts.


If you are a remote worker, travelling around the globe a VPN is essential. Especially if you’re travelling to countries such as China, that blocks certain websites.

Also, it’s good practice to use a VPN when using public Wi-Fi hotspots in cafes and shared workspaces. This is to prevent anyone from monitoring your online activity and quite possibly using your credentials for their own gain.

NordVPN, works by using an encrypted connection to redirect your web traffic through one of 160 servers, spread throughout many countries. ExpressVPN’s interface makes it very easy to use and understand.

It doesn’t just work with laptops and desktop computers, either; there are mobile apps for your smartphone and tablet too. In fact, I have this VPN on every device I use. Should you not get on with NordVPN, there is a 30 day, money-back guarantee.

Is a graphic design degree worth it?

Anyone can learn graphic design from books and the internet while sitting in their bedroom. There are online courses on absolutely everything. So many designers are self-taught, which is amazing. But not everyone can learn this way. Designers generally prefer to be physically shown what to do and learn from in-the-moment expertise.

University courses in design are great for collaborating with other like-minded designers, as well as finding your individual identity and style of working. All University degrees in design cover a big spectrum of niches. As a design student, you are able to explore all areas of design before you commit to a specialism that is needed to succeed as a top-rated graphic designer in this day and age.

I would definitely say look into doing a degree, but don’t feel pressured to follow that route, if it is not for you. There are so many amazing self-taught artists and designers, many have worked their way up to the creative director level.

Is graphic design in demand?

There is a demand for graphic designers in all agency, freelance and in-house positions. Sometimes businesses don’t understand the importance of investing in graphic design or respect the job, which can make the job of a graphic designer extremely challenging.

Always back yourself up and justify what you do. There are many companies and people that value design and the importance it carries.

Many companies use Upwork to find designers. The platform is filled with on-demand creatives. Briefs from potential clients are formed daily. When working with clients on freelancing platform, you can work from the comfort of your own home.

Is graphic design art?

Graphic design is an art form, however, it’s usually more objective than subjective. Graphic design usually isn’t as expressive as traditional art, however, it is inspired by art. Just like art; Graphic designers want a piece to have a certain look and feel while drawing out emotions from the viewer.

Are graphic designers self-employed?

Many designers become employed and start freelancing after they gain experience in the industry. It’s better to make mistakes and spend somebody else’s money before your own.

Successful Self-employed graphic designers have experience and confidence.

A young design graduate should ideally spend a few years working for a graphic design agency or in-house to ‘learn the trade’ and gain enough people skills and connections before heading out to start their own business.

If you have already got a solid reputation as a designer, and have built up an amazing portfolio in the area of speciality that you want to design in,  you are in a great position to start as a self-employed graphic designer and make a name for yourself. Also, remember to keep your tax in order.

Do graphic designers need to draw?

As a graphic designer, being able to draw is a great benefit to bring to a table, especially when trying to get across an idea at an early meeting. Not all graphic designers can draw. The main trait of being a graphic designer is having a visual eye, knowing that is good design, and having a love and respect for all things creative.

Do graphic designers work from home?

Graphic designers can work from the comfort of their own homes, and many do. Some mix work with travel and explore different countries. Portugal is a fantastic destination for graphic designers who want to set up business in the sun.

One issue that many designers face when working from home, is not being surrounded by other creative people and learning from them.

Working from the four walls of your home has a different culture to maybe an open plan studio where there is a community of laughter and creativity. Meeting up with other creatives now and again can work excellently with balancing that perfect work-life balance.

An alternative to working from home is working from coffee shops, co-working spaces or even abroad in a country like Thailand. Should you decide to move abroad, here are some tips on choosing accommodation.